Saturday, March 28, 2015

New York Red Bulls II vs. Rochester Rhinos

First time, first game New York Red Bulls II! Watching! Click Here to Read More..

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Liverpool is done( Condolences) but what transpired?

Not really a Liverpool fan, but I am surrounded by many whose faith was solid that their team would take the championship. All over a sudden, Crystal Palace shows up to ungracefully rob them of this dream. What transpired? Was it over confidence, I'll fate or just demise for the one who would shutter them?
There's always another year, but gosh, isn't this so painful to swallow? Oh well.... Click Here to Read More..

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's The MADRIDs in the UEFA 2014 Final- Surprised?

Yes, sometimes the less said, the better. Is it a surprise that we have two teams from the same nation heading to the UEFA Champion's League final?
I am more interested and curious to know the underlying factors for this occurrence two years-in-a-row.
So, I guess, some national strategies could be the cause....or, fate just sets this kind of stage every so often.
This is a study worth undertaking. Mission on!
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2013: All German Final, 2014: An All Spain Final? All eyes on Stamford Bridge, Wednesday...

Hard as it was to watch two favorites go head to head in contention for the Champions League final, here's to the hope that one of the best matches to watch in 2014 will be between the recently shockingly fortified Real Madrid and (most probably) Chelsea with its ever, interesting coach/manager, Jose Mourinho. This is not to underestimate Atletico Madrid and who knows if this will be an all Spain final preceded by an all German final last year?
How long will England endure this torture on its own grounds? Will Chelsea defy this onslaught? All eyes on Stamford Bridge tomorrow. And then.... Good night for now! Click Here to Read More..

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Apparently, Liverpool FC did not get Chelsea's memo until this morning...OBSTACLES!

So, I'll keep this brief. Liverpool fans must be wondering why the journey should be longer than they wanted it to be... Whatever happened this morning with Chelsea is best left undiscussed. Sorry Liverpool friends, obstacles are just part of most if not all journeys. Hang in there! #Smiles Click Here to Read More..

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random (Soccer) Find In Boston Tuesday, 07/09/2013

Walking back home after a long day, my eye could not miss this! Someone around the area must be a die hard New England Revolution fan!!! ^*^

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Friday, June 21, 2013

What is getting your Soccer Adrenaline Going At This Point In Time?!?!

Lots of interesting  Soccer /Football stuff going on at this time, but curious about what it is getting different people's adrenaline going more. These images are just a  short list...

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What an exiciting Soccer/Football 2012- USA and Worldwide... SIGH!

2012 is almost coming to a close. The best thing I witnessed and observed this year was the greater passion the sport of Soccer/Football has gained and enjoyed amongst its fans and almost everybody involved in the Sport. Women, men and youth, alike. Social media played a big role and made the Sport more visible, never mind discussed , more than ever before. Enthusiasts on facebook, twitter, instagram, Meet Up, independent blogs, Soccer/Football leagues' blogs, to mention but a few, kept the conversation lively and upbeat... Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs talking big name signings of Designated Players (DP's), emergence of independent College Conference TV Stations, US Soccer taking a substantial stake in the new women's professional league's operation in partnership with Canada's and Mexico's National Soccer/Football Federations, more significant investors coming on board with leagues, etc. just took it to another level! Lower leagues like the NASL,  USL  ( which also include Indoor Soccer, WPSL, "WPSL Elite" and PDLs) did not fall short of growth in terms of attention. The final four teams in the NASL men’s tournament drew so much excitement up until the final! College games are gaining media momentum and contention for the NCAA championship has never been fiercer. ( Two players from the same college program- Louisville-  wound up as the top two finalists for MLS 'Rookie Of The Year' 2012 title, and this could have partly triggered a great deal of ambition amongst the next years' nominees- in- the- making,  probably coupled with more college game television coverage.) TV networks like NBC Sports and BeIN Sport coming on board with Soccer; the continuous epic spotlight presence of the US Women's National Soccer team (US WNT) and its evolving brand refinement (through its Olympic excellence and its post Olympic US Tour); not forgetting the individual athletes (men and women) whose brands have achieved dynamic growth- all these being  just some of the factors that have not left the Soccer scene in the USA the same by end of 2012. However social media networks and the evolution of the cyberspace ( together with their tactical usage by 'mainstream'  media, Sports companies, leagues, team managers & coaches, athletes, fans, and investors, etc ) score very highly in the outstanding progress of the Sport of Soccer/ Football. Progress not just in the USA, but on the entire global scene, over the year 2012. Whoa!!!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Women's History Month, Soccer World!!!

This month may not mean a lot to female Soccer athletes in developed countries, as much as it means to their counterparts in developing countries. In developing countries, it's hard enough for male athletes to break through, get access to resources and all the meaningful connections; but it's even harder for the women who have to hope that one visionary who believes in their talent and potential will show up and that they will be the favorite pick. School programs, for example, will be more prone to spend on male Soccer teams than on female Soccer teams. That is culturally okay, since Soccer is traditionally perceived as a men's Sport and women who play it (professionally or not) are not taken very seriously. Amazingly, when these women finally break out onto the international scene, they realize how much opportunity there is for female athletes in the sports domain. I look forward to a time when accomplished individual female Soccer players and well- endowed Sports organizations in advanced countries will do more to emancipate the women athletes and the female Soccer programs in developing/ struggling countries. Collaboration with local FIFA representative agencies and with the respective national or local governments of those countries might make this endevor even much easier. My simple way of reflecting on Women's History Month, 2012! Click Here to Read More..