Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009


South Africa 2010 is only a few months away. The whole world cannot wait for the golden moment! It is even more exciting that, for the first time, the African continent will host this event. This cannot be taken for granted. Soccer, like other Sports, is one of the most international binding forces. It brings people from all backgrounds in one accord, in such an astounding way. Could this be a signal to Africa that the world is challenging the African people to come out of their small world of "divisionism" into the recognition of Peace, Renewal and Empowerment? Arise, O African nations, to this great call... your freedom lies nowhere else, but in your very hands- you either embrace it or continue to struggle against each other in vain. Harken to this beckon!!! Click Here to Read More..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is Major League Soccer (MLS) paying Attention?

Great! The 2009 Major League Soccer( MLS) season is here. Who knows what this year holds? New team Seattle gave a grand entrance by taming 2008 finalists, the New York Red Bulls. Thumbs up for the New England Revolution!

The sad thing, though, is that the league is growing at a far slower rate than that of the supply of new Soccer talent. As a result the contract deals for players are rapidly falling in value. In addition , many drafted young players are still out of contract. Does MLS have any immediate solutions to this problem before the Sport loses its valuable talent? Most of this talent comprises of young college graduates who have real lives to lead. At the present going rate of pay, there's no incentive to continue persuing a Sport that will take them nowhere in life.
Even teams of the other two Divisions, United Soccer Leagues' (USL1 and USL2), are limited on the capacity of their rosters. Besides, due to the increase in MLS division discharges, other divisons are considering former MLS players before new players and getting rid of some of their previous players. The pay being is really absurd. How about the players with families... how are they expected to survive on monthly pays that are averaging $2000 a month without accomodation included? Is there there a way to regulate minimum pay limits for these players?

Forces of demand and supply, alone, should not be the single determinant of the pay and treatment of players. Soccer players are real people with real lives to lead, and they do face real economic challenges.

It's time for Major League Soccer to consider alternatives to the current crisis, before the young and upcoming Soccer talent gives up hope on, and consideration of the Sport.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Want to take Soccer to another level? Join the party right now!

It's time to talk Soccer... veteran stars, players, fans, agents, managers, promoters, league-managers, name it- even critics...welcome to the table!!! Dining with those minds that appreciate and love, but also those minds that actually despise the Sport with such a passion!

It could never get more exciting...

How about the young, up-and-coming Soccer stars? This is your chance to share your views, concerns and questions and to also learn from a diverse spectrum of experts. One hint of caution; do not let go of your judgement stand!

You think you have what it takes to bring Soccer to another level? Share your views, comments and ideas right here and right now.

Welcome aboard!!!
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