Saturday, March 21, 2009

Want to take Soccer to another level? Join the party right now!

It's time to talk Soccer... veteran stars, players, fans, agents, managers, promoters, league-managers, name it- even critics...welcome to the table!!! Dining with those minds that appreciate and love, but also those minds that actually despise the Sport with such a passion!

It could never get more exciting...

How about the young, up-and-coming Soccer stars? This is your chance to share your views, concerns and questions and to also learn from a diverse spectrum of experts. One hint of caution; do not let go of your judgement stand!

You think you have what it takes to bring Soccer to another level? Share your views, comments and ideas right here and right now.

Welcome aboard!!!


  1. sound exciting but we all want to see an action shot of the author...

  2. need to get the Sports Illistrated bathingsuit issue on "top"...

  3. how come the "date" is behind on your opening page?