Saturday, July 25, 2009


It all begins with the Womens' Pro game tonight starting 6:00pm at Harvard Stadium, in Cambridge. Boston's own, the Boston Breakers, face New Jersey's FC Sky Blue in yet another match whose outcome will significantly affect either teams' current standings in the 2009 Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) league. This will be the last time the two sides play each other before the playoffs next month.

From Cambridge to Foxboro, tomorrow... Yes; the two Italian Serie A teams, AC Milan and Inter Milan, show off their glamour at the Gillette Stadium at 5:00pm . Here in the heart of Boston, one can already see the fans from all-over the United States, Canada and some Latin American as well as Carribean countries flocking in and browsing around. You can tell because most of them are wearing either AC Milan or Inter Milan Shirts and keep asking for directions around. (When one gets to talk a little more with them, they'll immediately tell you they are here in Boston because of tomorrow's game.)

Can't get to the Stadium tomorrow? Just enjoy the game in the comfort of your own home or with buddies at your favorite hang-out place...TV Sports channels, ESPN2 HD, ESPN2 and Fútbol, among others, will be bringing this game to you LIVE starting 5:00pm EST!

Smoky Soccer weekend... ain't it?

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