Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally, we will have our first Guest Bloggers- this Friday, 08/21/2009!!!

Every week we will feature one or more guest bloggers. This has been in preparation for a while and now we are ready to take it away!!!

Look out this Friday, 08/21/2009, for our first surprise!!! Our first topic... "The Role/Importance of family in a Soccer player's life"...
***Feel to share your views after reading the articles by Guest bloggers. By the way your can submit an article via e-mail to and after we have proof-read it, we will feature it as an guest-blogger article. The article should be about 500-800 words maximum and NOT disrespectful in any way. This does not mean that it cannot be controversial; Even if it is controversial, it should still maintain the aspect of respect.
*This goes for readers' comments, too.

Thanks for being a part of the Soccer Flo Flo circle!

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