Thursday, August 20, 2009

KRISTEN GRACZYK( US Professional Soccer Player) takes on Discussion Topic 1- "ROLE OF FAMILY IN A SPORTS PERSON'S LIFE..."

(Article by: Kristen Graczyk, #13Defender, FC Gold Pride, WPS)

It’s interesting how the role of family can change throughout one’s life in Sports. Initially, at a young age, I relied on my parents in many ways. Most important, of course, was to get me to and from practices. Being that I was 10, I couldn’t yet get around and was at the mercy of my parents to get me to practices and games. This explains why I was late most of the time...

As I got older I relied less on them physically taking me to practice and more on being there to help me make the big decisions; which team to play for, which coach to play for, where to go to college etc. The interesting thing about my parents, as with most parents I’m sure, is that it bodes well for me to listen to them, they are always right. Sure enough, I ended up at one of the top universities in the country, the University of Connecticut, and had the best four years of my life!

The one thing that has stayed consistent with my family (my younger brother included) is that they have always supported me. From the time I was 10 to-date, my parents have been at every single one of my soccer games and have been the first to give me a hug following the game, win or lose. They are my biggest supporters; not in the controlling, telling me what to do, how to pass or shoot the ball type of way. They know their role as my parents and I can’t thank them enough for being there for me!

The role of my family in my soccer career is immeasurable; it’s easy for me to say that without my parents and my brother’s support I would not be where I am today. They are my biggest fans and the first people I lean on when I need advice, a good laugh or most importantly, a hug after a long day on the field. I play because I love the game, but I also play for them because they are as much invested in this as I am.
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