Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soccer WAGs... How about Soccer HABs?

I have heard enough of Soccer or other Sports WAGs, but hardly anybody ever talks about the Soccer or Sports HABs (Husbands And Boyfriends). Does it mean that 
Soccer or Sports husbands' and boyfriends' roles are so insignificant that they are not worth mentioning or are these men shy about their role that they'd rather not be featured in the spotlight? JUST SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!

*Want to know "Soccer WAGs of the day "follow this link...


  1. Same here. I'd love to see profiles of hot guys who watch their women compete out on the field, especially during Germany's 2011 Women's World

  2. If they're famous athletes or anyone in sports, sure. Famous non-athlete guys, heck no. They'd be shouting lesbian accusations about their female athlete-wife or girlfriend to the media!