Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Just after one year of existence, the Women's Professional Soccer League has already lost one of its strongest teams, Los Angeles Sol. What could this imply regarding the future of the league?
The team's management could no longer sustain it, so it was dissolved; but good enough, most of the players have been taken up by other teams. The question remains, what is the future of the league- never mind the players' ? What if this happens to more than one team in a given period; what will the fate of the players be? Red flags about how much effort is put into the formation and authorization of these teams are automatically raised. Is it because it is a new league and, therefore, accomodations have been made for  short- run inefficiency and failures; or is it due to the unpredictability of investment-outcomes of this new venture? If these  two are the underlying factors for this situation, then the failure is excusable. However, if  the failure is due to sluggishness and negligent oversight at the time of formulation and authorization of the concerned teams, the Women's Professional League better wake up and address this issue with aggressiveness and urgency; otherwise the league will lose credibility and trust across the board!!!
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