Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soccer AND or VERSUS Technology?

Technology seems to be evolving faster and faster lately and one can't help wondering whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for  Soccer as a Sport and as a sector. With 3-D (Sports) Television networks coming onto the scene...

What will become of the traditional box office and all its beneficiaries? It is enough that the Sport struggled in its sales in 2009(in the US) and this new technology development might only make it worse. Who wants to sit outside in very cold weather to watch a Soccer game if they can have the same thrill and experience within the comfort of their cozy living room? (Soccer is strictly an outdoor Sport unless otherwise specified.) I am not worried about the big time managers, but about the middle and lower class Sports sector employees. Their future in this industry is at stake.
On a positive note, Marketing Biz prospects look great as more corporate sponsors and advertizers scramble for the cutting edge opportunity to maximize visibility infront of  the massive audience that will be enticed by this new Television phenomenon.

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