Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup on African Soil did not bring African teams much luck...

The African Song (Undeclinable Ambuscade)
African Soccerscapes: How a Continent Changed the World's Game (Ohio Africa in World History)It is phenomenal that for the first time, the African continent has hosted a Soccer World Cup, ever!  Yet this excitement has not  been reflected in the performance of the qualifying African teams. After watching Cameroon's hopes to proceed vanish yesterday, and now seeing Cote d'ivoire crumble under Brazil's pressure, one wonders what this historical event means to the continent.This could be the beginning of a new era in the African Soccer/Football legacy and a wake-up call to the African continent to rise to its potential. Many African players have often looked at their best propects for their Soccer/Football career being in the more developed countries, which is true in alot of ways. However, it may be time for them to see that their home-base could use past international talent to harness the great potential in the Sport and make a world mark. Other social, economic and, sometimes political factors may stand in the way, but the solidarity of Soccer/Football is comparable to no other. This is all it will take for Africa to claim her fame on the world scene as a Soccer/ Football power continent!
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Thursday, June 10, 2010


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