Saturday, November 6, 2010

After Soccer (Player) Career, What Next?

It is very easy  to blossom while the career blossoms and grows. It is exciting when, as a youth,  an individual begins to get the recognition of all who see the prospect in him/her. Even awesome, when they break through into a professional or even a semi professional Soccer arena and become some form of icon. As long as...everything is going well, it's rare that these talented individuals ever realize that their career will eventually start to slow down. Then what next? There has developed a traditional trend of ex-players engaging in Soccer-related careers, like Marketing, Coaching, Media reporting and Journalism, and modelling, or even some form of Management and Administration. However, because  the increase in  this population of veterans, such opportunities are becomming highly competative and rare to find- at meaningful pay rates. This can be a very frustrating and if it prevails for a longer time than anticipated, concerned veterans' lifestyles (and those of their families) can be negatively affected. This raises the question, how does a veteran Soccer player effectively prepare to transition into their post player-career, without significant drawbacks in-between? The essence of this discussion is to challenge  prospective, current and retired pro-Soccer atheletes to prepare for this stage, which if well planned, can be a very rewarding transition. Also, this discussion matters especially when we consider what this picture portrays  about the sport to very young prospective athletes. Hopefully,  the more successsful veterans and Soccer affiliated entreprenuers, as well as strategists, will consider pursuing this aspect of athlete moulding, preparation and development. This way, Soccer will not only be a sport worth playing while the playing career lasts, but will also ensure a  meaningful livelihood in a post-player status like several other sports! Click Here to Read More..