Thursday, January 27, 2011


   It's 2011 and all the beginning- of- year "chaos" is over. So far, all the major leagues (women's and men's) in the United States have already had their Super Drafts, as well as Extented Drafts, and are now headed for the pre-season. It is amazing how home-grown- player recognition and prioritization by the leagues rose significantly this Soccer year,  giving hope to the younger players considering this Sport for their future career...  Still, this does not cater to the faster growing supply base of Soccer talent coupled with the slower growing demand for the same. Player development programs are being expanded , but even with the addition of new teams, in the case of Major League Soccer (MLS) , together with the expansion of their rosters, accomodation of the ever growing talent is still limited. Hence wondering if other than shoving the not-so-lucky, but talented, young players into the lower leagues(out of which they may never advance to a higher league), there are some other alternatives we are yet to see unveiled!
Turning to the women's league- are we eventually going to see more of sustainable growth and stability in the Women's Professional Soccer league(WPS) and an end to its "team-in/ team- out" drama every year?  What are the odds of this unpredictable scenario coming to a close? 
 On a brighter note, still enthused and psyched by the greater energy being exhibited in the Youth stars on the rise, one envisioning their "generation", four to five years from now, being a  phenomenal one- only comparable to the economic " bubble" of the 1990's ! Click Here to Read More..