Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soccer and Television Media Marketing

 Last June, there was great enthusiasm and hype when ABC Television Network featured an extended ESPN broadcast of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final  game(s). One wonders whether Soccer organizations have deliberately stayed away from regular TV networks in an attempt to protect their contracts with traditional Soccer TV allies/ networks. This has somehow kept the Sport within the confines of the same Soccer passionate crowd or audience with no significant growth...Has this hampered the rate of the growth of the Sport's visibility and appreciation? Why have Soccer organizations  presumed that every Soccer- loving individual can afford (basic) cable/ dish network services? Even more, why has it been assumed that every Soccer fan is tech- savvy with the ablity to use computers and online technology? The questions go on, and one wonders if this enhances or handicap's the intrisic value of the Sport, the players and all those involved. Sometimes loyalty has to be foregone in the Marketing world for dynamic changes to occur. In this case boundaries in Television Network collaborations have to be extented beyond the so-called traditional Soccer stations which are not usually very attractive to a mediocre Sports fan, who has other Sports Channels lined up right next to each other, to shuffle through. The cable/dish service providers use this as their effective competitive marketing tool, but it sometimes serves as a detriment to less privilleged (Sports) channels. Siting an example- Oprah Winfrey could easily pull this kind of this stunt off, because she is already established enough, to "pull" a substantial crowd with her into a private cable network setting.  Soccer organizations may, therefore, have to find a way of being more visible elsewhere other than just confine themselves this tight loop.  Looking forward to all the 2011 Soccer season- women's and men's at all levels. The public has to become more acquainted with the Sport before it can be totally "secluded'' to boost revenue.  Gear up!!! Click Here to Read More..