Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Soccer Season- 2011 has already taken off; Is it Soccer "Spring"?

Like the change of climatic seasons, it's refreshing to see new things unveil every time a new Sports season begins. Soccer season is already in progress and at least most professional league teams have put in two or more games.  Special credit to Major League Soccer (MLS) which has exhibited a lot of remarkable developments every other year, by effectively introducing at least an expansion team or more each year. This stability and tenacity remain very intriguing. The expansion teams have demonstrated the untapped affinity for the Sport as these teams seem to bring more crowds to their stadiums and possess outstanding numbers of social media followers and subscribers than ever before- even more than the veteran teams(oops, sorry for the observation)! The best part about these expansion teams (coupled with expanded player rosters) is that they have opened doors for the more seasoned, as well as rookie players, to play in this league. Hmmm... and who is not thrilled by the international studs the teams in the league have signed lately, creating a more exciting, but even more competitive atmosphere? This spices up the flavor and aroma; or in floral terms, it just escalates the scent and fragrance of the bloom!!! But wait: it gives the "lazy bones" who were previously reluctant to work harder, a wake-up call. Most notable achievement of the MLS, though, is the now obvious intent by MLS to recruit players from its Player Development League (PDL)/Team pool.  Also paid attention to- in serious detail- is the league's ability to boost its use of Digital Technology, as a Marketing and Communication tool, which has enabled the fan base to more involved than ever before. Bless the innovations' department and whoever is involved. Oh; 'recently browsed MLS store and noticed how so diversified in merchandise, it has become within just a one-year period. There's a lot more to choose from especially for Soccer "fashionistas", yay! Now, like other developed and established Soccer leagues in the rest of the world, MLS has found its place in that realm and has successfully proved its pessimistic critics of the past, wrong. Looking forward to the rest of 2011!!! Fullsite:
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