Thursday, June 30, 2011


Coaching Youth Sports Book SoccerSoccer for Kids-Getting StartedWhen Mom and Dad are working double day- shifts or night shifts, hence left with only time to come home to rest and to take care of the basic responsibilities at home, afterwards, life for a youth athlete with a desire to develop their potential is not easy. Children with parents who can afford to send them to summer (Soccer) camp are often a step ahead of their counterparts whose parents cannot afford the same. One may argue that there are a lot of other free or sponsored alternative programs offered out there, but with Soccer (and Sports in general) logistics are a little more complicated...Unlike other activities that are usually located at the same facility in the neighborhood, Sports requires alot of travel and it's not always possible to be secure a ride to an away-game, for example. The cost of signing up for the programs plus the extra expenses on kits and food while practicing, are quite a portion when it comes to an average income family. This raises a simple question: how many talented children have we missed or shall we continue to miss just because their families' economic situations keep them left out of the loop? Is the Soccer development realm yet to come up with some very innovative ideas of tapping into this less travelled path? Happy summer!!!
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