Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012, As Passion for Soccer Continues to Grow in the USA!

On a big scale, 2011 was a big year for the Soccer realm here in the USA. The No.1 men's Soccer league, Major League Soccer (MLS), continued to grow in many different directions and closed its season very successfully. I was most impressed by the growth in the league's gear store's stock and product creativity, its social media use and fan engagement, as well as its introduction of big  name international stars as Designated Players(DP's) and moreso, the addition of two more teams to the league! On the women's side, we witnessed an increased recognition and passion of the once not so cared for leagues and teams, get so much attention- the Women's Professional Soccer League (WPS) and the US Womens's Soccer Team, respectively. Of course the FIFA Women's World Cup played a big role in that too, but, the media wasn't hesitant to boost this sector of the Sport either. Phenomenal!We saw the enthusiasm for Women's Soccer exceed any imaginable expectations in 2011, and that is priceless! We saw individuals like Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan and other Internationals who play in the WPS and for their national teams just continue to thrill the U.S sports scene as well as the international Soccer realm- on and off the field. Of course it was not a year without drama of sorts. The Women's Professional Soccer League(WPS) came so close to losing its Division 1 status due to the lack of the basic requirements to continue existing as one. However, it was so exciting to see the passion that surrounded the whole scenario as active advocacy to petition US Soccer  to give the league a chance, despite its limitations, went viral!!! For the first time ever, my attention to College Soccer was way deeper than it ever was and I think it's because I was surrounded by  influences who continuously blogged, shared via social media or just enthusiastically talked about about the college events. Several  college games were scheduled in my local area and invitations by players and friends to attend via social media, created and drew more awareness to the games. My desire for 2012? More major Soccer prone entrepeneurship breakouts that will expand the sport's sponsorship base and create more job opportunities. Looking forward to an exciting 2012!!!

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