Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Women's History Month, Soccer World!!!

This month may not mean a lot to female Soccer athletes in developed countries, as much as it means to their counterparts in developing countries. In developing countries, it's hard enough for male athletes to break through, get access to resources and all the meaningful connections; but it's even harder for the women who have to hope that one visionary who believes in their talent and potential will show up and that they will be the favorite pick. School programs, for example, will be more prone to spend on male Soccer teams than on female Soccer teams. That is culturally okay, since Soccer is traditionally perceived as a men's Sport and women who play it (professionally or not) are not taken very seriously. Amazingly, when these women finally break out onto the international scene, they realize how much opportunity there is for female athletes in the sports domain. I look forward to a time when accomplished individual female Soccer players and well- endowed Sports organizations in advanced countries will do more to emancipate the women athletes and the female Soccer programs in developing/ struggling countries. Collaboration with local FIFA representative agencies and with the respective national or local governments of those countries might make this endevor even much easier. My simple way of reflecting on Women's History Month, 2012!

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  1. Happy Women's History month all you mothers, sisters, women entrepreneurs, female atheletes, Soccer WAGS, media women, the list is endless... One South African singer, Lucky Dube(RIP)sang, "God bless da Woman!" Indeed, may the woman daily be cherished!!!