Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2013: All German Final, 2014: An All Spain Final? All eyes on Stamford Bridge, Wednesday...

Hard as it was to watch two favorites go head to head in contention for the Champions League final, here's to the hope that one of the best matches to watch in 2014 will be between the recently shockingly fortified Real Madrid and (most probably) Chelsea with its ever, interesting coach/manager, Jose Mourinho. This is not to underestimate Atletico Madrid and who knows if this will be an all Spain final preceded by an all German final last year?
How long will England endure this torture on its own grounds? Will Chelsea defy this onslaught? All eyes on Stamford Bridge tomorrow. And then.... Good night for now! Click Here to Read More..

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Apparently, Liverpool FC did not get Chelsea's memo until this morning...OBSTACLES!

So, I'll keep this brief. Liverpool fans must be wondering why the journey should be longer than they wanted it to be... Whatever happened this morning with Chelsea is best left undiscussed. Sorry Liverpool friends, obstacles are just part of most if not all journeys. Hang in there! #Smiles Click Here to Read More..